Sports Rehabilitation

We work with athletes of all ages and all sports. We offer sports-specific rehabilitation by experts who are familiar with (and often play) your sport and can identify the needs that are critical to your recovery.

We provide:

* Comprehensive injury assessment to investigate the cause of injury (such as trauma, poor mechanics, overuse), review past medical history and discuss personal training goals

 * Development of an evidence based therapy program that include exercises to restore function, improve mobility, recover from concussions, relieve pain and prevent or limit physical disabilities

 * Coordination of your in-depth therapy sessions with any of your other training activities to avoid over training and reduce the risk  of re-injury

* Monitoring and adjusting of your personalized plan, as needed, to meet your performance goals

* Assist with taping, bracing, inserts and other sports-specific equipment.

Who is sports rehabilitation for?

Our staff treats the full range of orthopaedic problems, including:

*  Exercise-related or sports injuries
*  Back and neck pain
*  Foot and ankle injuries/problems
*  Knee and hip injuries/problems
*  Shoulder and elbow injuries/problems
*  Arthritis
*  Work-related injuries
*  Sports physical therapy and athletic trainers provide expertise that allows you to resume your pre-injury fitness program


How long will sports rehabilitation take?

The length of rehabilitation varies based on each individuals needs and progress. There can be various phases of rehabilitation that vary. Factors that influence the length of time in rehabilitation include:

*  Level and type of injury
*  Cause of injury
*  Type and degree of any resulting impairments
*  Wound healing and pain management
*  Progress towards functional goals

  • "In just over 10 weeks post surgery, I am very impressed with my range, strength, and flexibility in my shoulder.
    I feel that Melissa understood and did everything in her power to meet or exceed my recovery goals.
    Thank you for all of your help!" -Aaron

  • “John, Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me! I will miss all of you and thanks to you, I am feeling “normal” again!” - Mecca

  • “Dr. Will is very profession and knowledgeable of my condition as well as very compassionate to my pain. He has solely brought me back from sure misery. Congrats and thank you so much.” -Carol

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