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Private Therapy Services | Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center | Charleston SC

St Andrews Family Fitness

St. Andrew’s Family Fitness maintains an indoor heated pool measuring 25 yards x 25 meters. Aquatic therapy at this PTS site is performed in a heated pool kept at 84 degrees year-round. The resistance of the water during exercise provides a safe environment for addressing balance, strength, and postural deficits. For those patients who may have difficulty exercising on land, aquatic therapy provides a comfortable and therapeutic medium in which to gain strength, ROM and endurance. This modality is a great component for all post-op patients, acute and chronic injuries, balance deficits, arthritis, back pain and general weakness. We can transition them from water rehab to a safe local water aerobics class, to land exercises in a gym or a comprehensive home program. This is just another way our therapists at PTS can offer the best care to all of your patients.

  • "In just over 10 weeks post surgery, I am very impressed with my range, strength, and flexibility in my shoulder.
    I feel that Melissa understood and did everything in her power to meet or exceed my recovery goals.
    Thank you for all of your help!" -Aaron

  • “John, Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me! I will miss all of you and thanks to you, I am feeling “normal” again!” - Mecca

  • “Dr. Will is very profession and knowledgeable of my condition as well as very compassionate to my pain. He has solely brought me back from sure misery. Congrats and thank you so much.” -Carol

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