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Here are some of the common dx codes we treat.

-Other specified mononeuropathies (G58.8)
-Constipation, unspecified (K59.00)
-Outlet Dysfunction constipation (K59.02)
-Anal Spasm (K59.4)
-Sacrococcygeal Disorders (M53.3)
-Low Back Pain (M54.5)
-Separation of muscle (nontraumatic), other site (M62.08)
-Muscle and Tissue Atrophy (M62.50)
-Spasm of Muscle (M62.838)
-Interstitial cystitis (chronic) without hematuria (N30.10)
-Interstitial cystitis (chronic) with hematuria (N30.11)
-Stress incontinence (female) (male) (N39.3)
-Urge incontinence (N39.41)
-Post-void dribbling (N39.43)
-mixed incontinence (N39.46)
-Chronic Prostatitis (N41.1)
-Cystocele, unspecified (N81.10)
-Cystocele, midline (N81.11)
-Cystocele, lateral (N81.12)
-Incomplete uterovaginal prolapse (N81.2)
-Uterovaginal prolapse, unspecified (N81.4)
-Rectocele (N81.6)
-Female genital prolapse, unspecified (N81.9)
-Endometriosis, Unspecified (N80.9)
-Unspecified Dyspareunia (N94.10)
-Vulvodynia, unspecified (N94.819)
-Vulvar vestibulitis (N94.810)
-Perineal Pain (R10.2)
-Fecal Smearing (R15.1)
-Full Incontinence of Feces (R15.9)
-Unspecified lack of coordination (R27.9)
-Frequency of Micturition (R35.0)
-Urgency of Urination (R39.10)
-Straining to void (R39.16)


Dear Dr.:

My name is Caitlin McCurdy-Robinson and I am a women’s and men’s health physical therapy specialist at Private Therapy Services. John Kelley brought me to the Lowcountry from a Men and Women’s specialty clinic in Austin, Texas. It is my goal to offer my years of experience and specialized therapy to assistance in the physical therapy treatment and care of my new community. As a women’s and men’s health specialist, I offer treatment for impairments of the low back, abdomen, pelvis, and pelvic floor for a wide spectrum of disorders including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Pregnancy: sacroiliac joint pain, pubic symphysis pain, low back pain, pain with sexual activity, labor and delivery positions specifically tailored to orthopedic conditions, mobility issues and activity modifications associated with high risk pregnancy
  • Post-partum: diastasis recti, incontinence, pain with sexual activity, prolapse, safe return to exercise/sport
  • Sexual function: reduced sensation/orgasm, pain
  • Pre and post-operative: hysterectomy, prostatectomy
  • Urinary: urgency, frequency, incontinence, Interstitial Cystitis
  • Bowel: constipation, incontinence


I strive to provide optimal and individualized care to all patients utilizing techniques such as biofeedback, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and neuromuscular re-education. I also appreciate a multi-disciplinary approach and therefore would appreciate your feedback regarding interventions. I have attached a referral profile sheet to be able to learn more about your practice and to ensure quality care to your patients.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to meet you in the future. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like any additional information.



Caitlin McCurdy-Robinson, PT, DPT


John Kelley, DPT, MTC, ATC

  • "In just over 10 weeks post surgery, I am very impressed with my range, strength, and flexibility in my shoulder.
    I feel that Melissa understood and did everything in her power to meet or exceed my recovery goals.
    Thank you for all of your help!" -Aaron

  • “John, Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me! I will miss all of you and thanks to you, I am feeling “normal” again!” - Mecca

  • “Dr. Will is very profession and knowledgeable of my condition as well as very compassionate to my pain. He has solely brought me back from sure misery. Congrats and thank you so much.” -Carol

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